BoothRunner: Overview

BoothRunner is geared toward Business Owners who supply work space and resources to Self Contractors, (AKA Booth Renters), who are not employees but instead run a business inside of a business. BoothRunner will be the basis of a strong Owner to Contractor/Booth Renter relationship by linking the Scheduling accounts.

Once the Renter accounts are linked to the Owner account, the Owner account is able to view Scheduling columns and appointments for all Renters attached.
This gives the Owner account the ability to
Schedule, Reschedule, and Cancel appointments for the Booth Renters as well as block out their Schedule columns for closed business hours, holidays and etc.

Owner accounts also have the added ability to toggle on/off these permissions for Renter accounts:
1. Client sharing between Owner and Renters
2. Renter ability to sell their own

If there is an appointment on the Renter's column, that client appointment cannot be checked out
from the Owner account.  This is so the income is recorded in the Renter account where it technically belongs.

The Owner and Renter abilities to send
Text Confirmations
and use Email Marketing features are separate.
Since the Owner and Renter are billed separately within their own accounts, those additional cost features have to be activated separately through

The cost for Renter accounts using the Standard software is $19/month. If the Renter activates the
Premium software
in their account, they will be charged an additional $8/month.

The Owner account and Renter accounts will have separate
Online Scheduling URL links.
If the Owner would like to provide clients with the ability to choose from any provider within both the Owner and all attached Renter accounts from ONE link, they will need to use the
Employee Directory URL when sharing their Online Scheduling feature with clientele.

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