Client Connect

Client Connect is a quick & easy way to connect with your clients! We offer Mass & Automated Email Marketing, as well as Enhanced Text Messaging to further notify your guests of their upcoming appointments.

What is Enhanced Text Messaging?
Enhanced Text Messaging allows you to send text reminders and confirmations to your clients without needing to ask them for their Mobile Phone Provider (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.).  It will also list your Business name in the beginning of the text to omit any confusion.
Without Enhanced Text Messaging tied in with the entire Client Connect Bundle, you will not have the option of turning on Text Confirmations.

What’s the difference between an Automated Email Campaign and a Mass Email Campaign?
Auto Email Campaign
can be set up to automatically send itself to clients based off of the "x amount of days before/after" you choose for those particular campaigns.  They will only stop sending out once you inactivate or reset that campaign.
Mass Email Campaign
is more geared toward monthly newsletters, special promotions, etc.  You can choose your Client List, then immediately send the Mass Email, or schedule a Launch Date & time.  That email is a one time thing, however, you do have the option to copy that email for future use.

How do I turn on Client Connect features?
Interested in finding out more about pricing and adding these amazing features? Start by navigating to the SalonInteractive tab at the top of your software.

  1. Proceed to the Client Connect drop-down on the left side
  2. Select Activate
There will be a brief explanation of our features, as well as a pricing chart available for you to review

Lastly, check any top 3 boxes (shown in the image below) to select which features you would like to turn on, and check the last box to confirm that you understand these are optional, additional-cost features!

Feature Activation