Mass Email Campaigns: Client List

You now have the ability to create Custom Client Lists for your
Mass Email Campaigns
by adding and/or deleting individual clients from a pre-selected filter!
Choosing a Client List:

  1. Start by clicking on the red red icon icon under the Clients column
  2. Click the Select new Clients for this Campaign button at the top
    Select New Clients for this campaign
  3. Select a Filter Type, then click the Save button that will appear at the bottom
*A list of your clients’ names and email addresses will appear*
  1. To delete individual clients off the list, click the red red delete icon icon
  2. To add individual clients who might not already be on the list, click the Add a Client to this Campaign button at the top
    Add a client to this Campaign

  3. Search an existing client, or enter a new client
    Then click the green Save button
adding a client