Mass Email Campaigns

Remind your clients just how wonderful you are by sending them Monthly Newsletters, notifying them of upcoming promotions, or offering them special deals with our email marketing feature!

How to create a Mass Email Campaign:

client connect - mass email campaigns

1. Start by clicking on the Boosters tab > SalonInteractive at the top of your software

2. Select Mass Email Campaigns under the Client Connect drop-down

3. Click the New Campaign button at the top of the page

4. Select one of the template options from the drop-down
(Options include: a Brand or Distributor created template, various choices of Standard Templates, or start from scratch by selecting “Design it Myself”)

5. Once you choose a template, you’ll give your email a name (for salon use only), and a Subject (what the client will see upon delivery)

6. Edit your email body so that it includes everything you would like it to using our provided email builder.
* You can insert Special Variables and Images
(shown below), change the font type, color, and size, add tables, and more

7. If you would like to include the Header & Footer, check the Use my header and/or Use my footer boxes at the top

8. Once you are finished, click the Save save icon icon then the Preview preview icon icon (clicking the Preview icon will allow you to view the email in Desktop mode and Mobile mode so that you can assure it looks good using either device)
Next, you’ll click the Donedone icon icon at the top of the page

9. You will have been redirected to the Mass Email Campaigns page. Select a Client List by clicking the red red icon icon in the Clients column

10. Once you are done choosing your Client List, we highly recommend sending yourself a “Test” email to ensure you are happy with how your email looks. You can do this by clicking on the Test test icon icon after saving the email or next to the email on the Mass Email Campaigns page

11. If you are pleased with your email, you’re ready to launch it, or set a Launch Date! You’ll do this by clicking on the LaunchLaunch Icon icon next to the email on the Mass Email Campaigns page

Inserting an image using your Image Library:

1. While editing an email, click on the Image Library Image Library icon at the top

2. If need be, click on the Upload an Image button at the top of the window

3. Find and select an image from your device, then click “Open”
(Image file needs to be .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF)

4. Select the image you would like to insert

5. Click the blue "+" button that appears above the selection

6. You are then able to drag & drop the image wherever you would like it in the email and/or resize the image


Inserting Special Variables:

1. Click on the Special Variables icon at the top

2. Select the variable you would like to insert 

(Using selection example in image above…) Text will show as so:
[[salon_name]] [[client_first_name]]
Each client’s email will be personalized with the Special Variable(s) you select