Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

Minimize no-shows by sending appointment confirmations and reminders to your clients via text and email, and keep your employees in the loop by sending text alerts to them regarding schedule changes and client check-ins.

These messages are automated. You set it up once, and then the software takes over.

To start, head to Manage > Advanced Settings > Manage (under Email & Text Communications)

Manage Advanced Settings 

Email Confirmations:

Appointment confirmation emails are sent at 6 AM US/Central time however many days in advance they are set to

Email Itinerary:

Email itineraries will be received by clients 15-20 minutes after their appointment is initially scheduled

Text Confirmations:

Text confirmations are sent to the client at the same time as their appointment however many days in advance you choose.

Confirmation text messages and Itinerary text messages are only available when the Client Connect Bundle is activated. Click here to learn how to activate the Client Connect Bundle 

Text Itinerary Message:

Text Itinerary messages are sent after an appointment has been scheduled. However, if the appointment is scheduled within the time frame of a confirmation text being sent out a text itinerary will not also be sent.

Text Reminders:

Text reminders are sent to the client however many hours before their appointment you choose (we highly recommend you do not set it for anything over 3 hours, in the case that the client's appointment is at an early time)

Note: If you do not have the Enhanced Text Messaging feature, you will need to choose the client's Mobile Provider in their Client Log in order for them to be sent Text Messages!

Choose mobile provider 


Setting up Employee Notifications:

1.   Check all 4 boxes at the bottom of the Email & Text Communications page, then click Save
Email and Text Comm Checkboxes 

2.    You'll receive the pop-up below.... Click "Yes"
Confirm notifications 

3.   Proceed to: Manage > Basic Settings > Employees

4.    Select an employee's name

5.    Click Basics at the top

6.    Make sure the employee has a Mobile Phone entered. If they do not, enter one.

7.    If you do not have the Enhanced Text Messaging feature, you will have to choose the employee's Mobile Provider in order for them to be sent texts

Mobile provider 

8.    Check each text message notification that employee would like to receive. (You can customize what type of text message notifications are sent to each employee)
Text notification options 
We typically recommend "Only when within" is set to No Time Limit.
If you choose a Only when within: 3 Hours, for example, the employee will only receive these text notifications for schedule changes made within that time frame

9.    Repeat this process for each employee that would like to receive Text Notifications