Troubleshooting Communications with Clients

If a client reports that they did not receive a text/email confirmation or reminder from your business, follow these recommended steps:

1.   Check your Advanced Settings are Setup Correctly:

Manage > Advanced Settings > Manage (under Email & Text Communications)

 notifications & reminders

* If you do not have the Client Connect Bundle you will not have access to turn on the Text Confirmations
2.   Check the Guest's Preferred Communications in their Client Log:

Manage > Clients > Search & select the client

 Search Client
What is a Client Log?

3.   Check the Client's Appointment Log for the Service they are Speaking Of:

Schedule > Click on the client's Service in question > Appointment Log
client appointment log

(Pay close attention to the time the client's service was Scheduled or Re-scheduled!)

4.   Run the
Enhanced Text Messaging Report

5.   Checking for Unsubscribed Clients
  • Clients have the ability to unsubscribe from any texts being sent to them by replying “Stop” or "Cancel"!  If they did this on accident, or want to re-subscribe, they will need to reply "Start" to that same number
  • If they have deleted the number they unsubscribed from, you can find the number they will need to text by navigating to their Client Log. You will find the number in red under the Communications section.