Tippy Quick Tips

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Quick Tips and items to write down for easy setup!

When you sign up with Tippy you will receive an email from here you will create a login to your Tippy Dashboard.

Company Code ex: 07B1B1SL  write this down you will need it.

Account Token: you will get this from Tippy after you connect your banking information in the Tippy Dashboard. You will use the copy tool button in Tippy and then you will paste into your Rosy Salon Software.
From Tippy Dashboard
Rosy Account Token

Rosy Salon Software where you will paste your account token

Tippy settings

Device Code: you will get this on your Tippy Pro iPad device after you finish the device setup. You will enter this into Rosy Salon Software.
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Tippy device

Salon Setup

  1. Tippy Salon Dashboard Setup
  2. Tippy Pro iPad Setup
  3. How to use Tippy with Rosy

Employee Setup

4. Tippy Employee App this is done on their own device