How to use Tippy with Rosy

How to use Tippy

Check the client in from Rosy, after completing the service(s) and adding all products onto the clients ticket its time for check out!  You will use the Collect Payment button as normal, then when its time to tip select the Tippy button:
Tippy button
This will then initiate the tipping prompt on your Tippy device!  You will see a spinning circle while waiting for user input on the device.  If for any reason you need to cancel and start over press Cancel under the Tippy Update button.
Update button

Now on the Tippy Device:
Client will choose the tip amount
Tippy tip amount

Once the tip is selected it will display all items on the ticket and the total amount due
Tippy amount due

When the client has hit the "Continue to Payment" button, you will now be able to run your credit card payment as usual using Rosy Pay!
Tippy payment

Cha-Ching! Your service provider just got the Tippy notification from the Tippy App!!!!!! 
Tippy cha-ching
When the transaction is complete the tip(s) will go directly to the provider's Tippy account and the difference will be the payment for the client's transaction!

You are all set! Great Job and Happy Tippy'n

Don't forget your Employees will need to download the app either from
Google Play Store or Apple App Store .

Employee Setup Guide
Tippy App Download