Troubleshooting Employee Notifications

If employees should be getting text notifications, but aren’t, follow these steps to make sure all is set up correctly:

1.   Check your Advanced Settings are Setup Correctly:

Manage > Advanced Settings > Manage (under Email & Text Communications)

employee notifications

2.   Check the Employee Settings:

Manage > Advanced Settings > Employee Text Message Settings (under Email & Text Communications)

Employee Text Message Settings

* If there is a drop-down to choose the Mobile Provider on the right.  Then this is REQUIRED as you do not have the Enhanced Text Messaging feature included in the
Client Connect Bundle. 

3.   Check the Appointment Log of the Client the Employee is Stating They Did Not Receive Notification For:

Schedule > Click on the client's Service in question > Appointment Log

Appointment Log 

4.   Run the Enhanced Text Messaging Report . (This will include the wording, date and time stamp of all sent text messages including Employee Notifications.)