Client Formulas

Client formulas for color, (and etc) are recorded and retained within the Client Log. The Client Log may be accessed at all stages — from making the appointment to collecting payment — wherever the term “Client Log” and the client name appear.

ALL employees have access to the formulas in a Client Log regardless of Permissions.

On the right side of the formulas page, you will see the date it was created and who created it (username).

1.     Manage > Clients > Search & select the client
From the Schedule: Click on the client's appointment > Click Client Log on the right (or on the client's name in the top, left corner)

2.     Proceed to the Formulas tab

3.     View the past formula history or create a new formula using the New Formula button in the top, right corner

4.     If entering a new formula: Enter the formula, then click Save

new formula

5.     You may edit a formula by clicking on it and adjusting the information, then click Save
color formula

- You will not be able to edit a formula once 24 hours has passed
- You will not be able to delete formulas

You can also view all client formulas upon running and exporting the Clients Report