Adding/Editing Client Originations

New and existing client profiles can include a “Client Origination.”  Client Origination is used to define where a client originated from, or in other words, how they heard about your business.

To create new Client Originations:

  1. Click on the Manage tab, then select Advanced Settings
  2. Click Manage under Client Origination
  3. Click New Client Origination
  4. Enter an origination name (Example: Yelp)
  5. Click Add (once created it cannot be deleted, only inactivated)
To assign a Client Origination to a client:
  1. Open the client log by creating a new client or searching an existing client's name
  2. Click on the drop down menu under Origination
  3. Choose from one of the originations you've created
  4. Click Save Profile or Create Client if they are a new client
Client Orientation

Client Originations can be viewed in some of your reports such as, 
- Service Sales
- Retail Sales
Sales Analysis

- Clients Report (Clients report needs to be exported to Excel to see Client Origination)

Service Sales Report

 Service Sales Report
Sale Analysis Report
 Sales Analysis report 1