Ticket Fees

RosyPay ONLY Ticket fees allow you to collect custom fees from clients in your sales tickets.

To set up a ticket fee:

Navigate to Manage > Advanced Settings > Ticket Fees > Manage 

enter a name for your new Ticket Fee

Fee Type: choose if you would like the Ticket Fee to be based on a set dollar amount or percentage based on the total service price

Amount: enter the dollar amount or percentage for your fee

Taxable: dropdown option for the fee to be taxable

Ticket Type: You are now able to select if this fee will be applied to tickets including services, products, gift cards, packages, or memberships if you are a RosyPay user. Click here for more information on RosyPay! 

Once finished click Add

This Ticket Fee will now be applied to all tickets automatically that fit your selected settings. 

NOTE: The ticket fee will use your Service Tax percentage.  You can edit your Service Tax percentage by going to Manage> Basic Settings> Business Settings and clicking the Settings tab.


To edit a ticket fee:

To view which fees were added to a ticket or make adjustments, you will click on the button.

To change the amount of a fee: Click the existing amount > type the correct amount you wish to charge > click OK to apply your changes

If changes have been made that need to be reversed, the icon will allow you to reset the fee to its original amount on the ticket.

If you wish to entirely remove a fee from the ticket, you can use the icon. The ability to remove a ticket fee is granted to employees with permission to manage Business Settings. If an employee without this permission tries to delete the ticket fee, they will get an "Unauthorized" error message.


Note: Adding in additional items to the ticket that are set to collect a fee after a ticket fee has been deleted will apply the fee to the ticket again.

To track your fees collected:

The client will be able to see any fees collected on their printed or emailed receipts.

Ticket fee

Your ticket fees are reportable on the Total Sheet, Tickets, and Tax Liability reports 

Ticket Fee on Total Sheet and Tax Liability