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In order to begin please navigate to Manage>Marketing


 Purchasing Text Messages:

Click Buy in the box labeled Text Messaging Account Summary and choose how many messages you would like to add to your account.  Note: Every text sent and/or received will deduct 1 from your total messages.  The card on file in your account is the card that will be used to purchase your messages
Purchasing Text Messages

Your Dedicated phone number:

On the left hand side of your marketing dashboard you will see a field to enter your area code.  This will be used as the beginning of the phone number used to send your clients marketing messages. The rest of the phone number will be randomly generated.
Dedicated phone number


Text Marketing - Opt In Guide

Here are some easy ways to spread the news and get your clients to Opt In to your Text Message Marketing:

  • Social blasts are a great way to get clients to Opt In.

    Sample Message: To get the most updated information and promotions from Serenity Salon and Spa, text HAIRCUT to 630-***-7402!
  • Other keyword options are RELAX or NAILS if these are more appropriate for your business.
  • Direct your clients to their Online profile and ask them to select Text Message Marketing.
  • Email Campaigns: Let your clients know there is more than one way to stay in touch. Send out an email campaign introducing the option to Opt In.
  • Create signage in your salon that instructs clients how to Opt In. A front desk sign and/or mirror clings.
  • Add opt-in instructions to your website.
IMPORTANT: Due to strict FCC regulations, all clients must be Opted In before they are able to receive any Text Message Marketing.

Here are some Opt In Ideas:
Opt In Idea 1 Opt In Idea 2

 Opt In Idea 3Opt In Idea 4
Opt In Idea 5


Creating a One Time Campaign:  

1. From your Marketing Dashboard select None. Get Started! under One Time Campaign
Create One Time Campaign text
2. Click Create one now! and enter a relevant name for your campaign (client will not see this name).

3. In the text box type your message that you would like to send to your clients.  You have 160 characters to use in the message before it will be sent in 2 separate messages.

4. Press save when you are finished and it will bring you to a new page where you can select clients you would like to send this message to.  Select Manage Clients to create the client list.

5. If you would like to send it to a big list of clients select the filter you need and click Select Matching
Filter to send campaign to a list
If you would like to send it to only a few people you can add the clients individually in the box labeled Add a Single Client. Must be opted in clients

6. Please wait anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for your list to be generated.  Refresh your page and you will see your list of opted in clients that the message will go to.

7. You can remove any desired clients from receiving the message by clicking the icon to the right of the phone number.
Remove clients from text
8. Once satisfied with the client list click Done on the top right corner.

9. Click Launch Campaign to choose the date and time that the campaign will be launched
Launch Text Campaign
Note: If at any point you would like to start over you can click Delete Entire Campaign as seen in screenshot above

Congratulations, you have finished your Text Marketing campaign!

Client's View

-- The Client simply needs to text your dedicated number with one of the three keywords listed on the Marketing Dashboard (Haircut, Relax, Nails).

-- They will then get a text back asking if they are sure they want to opt in.
-- When they reply yes they will be officially opted in!
-- If they ever change their mind they can simply send the word STOP to your dedicated number and they will no longer receive your marketing text messages.

Client view of text messages

Creating an Automatic Campaign:  

Wish your clients a Happy Birthday, tell them how much you miss them, remind them they’re running low on their favorite product(s), and thank newbies for coming in to see you.  Your Automatic Text Campaigns provide you with the ability of doing that all!
Automatic text campaigns

Manage All

Select the Automatic Campaign you'd like to set up by clicking the name
Select Automatic Campaign

Before creating the body of the text be sure to choose when you would like the text to be sent out.

Choose when to send automatic campaign

Social Media:
Click the Twitter icon to generate a post straight to your Business's Twitter page!
Your message will be pre-set as "To get the most updated information and promotions from [Your Business Name], text HAIRCUT to [Your number]!
Twitter icon post