FCC Text Marketing Registration Requirements (Twilio A2P 10DLC)

Due to recent changes in how phone carriers operate in order to combat spam, businesses need to register and provide specific information to ensure seamless delivery.

Why does Campaign registration require vetting and is this a Twilio-specific requirement?

This is an industry-wide requirement intended to reduce spam, fraud, and unwanted messaging, and protect SMS as a trusted communications channel in the U.S. Every messaging provider who services A2P Campaigns is required to conduct this vetting.

How to complete the FCC Registration Panel-

  1. If your business is a Sole Proprietor, a business owned and run by a person rather than a corporation or separate entity, please check the box at the top of the screen. Checking this box will not ask for steps 3-5 explained below. 
  2. Fill out the Business Name the same as your legal business name is shown. (not DBA)
  3. Please enter the EIN number without a hyphen or add any other special characters
  4. Entering the Business Type is mandatory, entering they Business Title is recommended
  5. Select the Company Type- Private or Nonprofit
  6. Enter the Contact information for the required fields

    Note: If it is not accepting the information, try entering the abbreviation for the State/Province rather than spelling it out
  7. Make sure the phone number you are listing is a mobile phone number. You will receive a verification text that is required to complete the registration
  8. Enter the email address and website for your business

Once you submit the form, you will need to respond to the verification text sent to your mobile number. The registration will not be complete until this is accepted.


You can track your progress of completion at the top of the page. Any marketing campaigns that you attempt to launch prior to completing this process 100% will not be sent to you clients.