Setting up a House Fee

A House Fee is a charge deducted from the Service Providers' commission in order to cover overall Salon cost.

Proceed to:             Manage > Basic Settings > Business Settings > Settings

1.  Under Point of Sale Settings, change "House Fee" to YES

2.  Enter the amount you'd like to charge, and choose whether it will be charged on a "Per Employee on Service Ticket" OR "Per Service Ticket" basis...
Point of Sale Settings
*Per Employee on Service Ticket: The full House Fee will be charged to each Service Provider on a single ticket
*Per Service Ticket: The House Fee will be split between each employee that performed a service on a single ticket

3.  Click Save at the bottom

To see how the House Fee is subtracted from gross services before commission percentage is calculated for the service provider. For more information on how commissions are calculated, please see our Commission Report article.