Reserve with Google


What is Reserve with google? Well we aren't Google, but here is our breakdown of it...
It is a way for your clients to search and book appointments at your business through a Google search. Simple, right?


Here are a few things to check before your clients can successfully book through Google:
CheckMake sure your business address in your Rosy Salon Software Business Settings
matches the business address in your Google Business Page EXACTLY

Business settings

Check While in your Rosy Salon Software Business Settings, please be sure to check your Timezone is correct
(An incorrect Timezone will cause your appointment times to show incorrectly on Google!)

Business settings timezone

CheckToggle "Reserve with Google" to YES in your Rosy Salon Software Business Settings
(Manage > Basic Settings > Business Settings > Settings)

Reserve with Google Setting

Check Make sure you own your Business on Google
(This is a step that Google takes in order for the Owner to verify the Business is theirs.)

To do this: Search your Business through the Google search engine. You will see your business information appear with “Own this business?” if it has not yet been verified. Click on the link to get started.
Own you business on Google

Next, check the I am authorized to manage this business and I agree to the terms of service” box, then click Continue

Authorized to manage this business

→ You will want to follow the verification process after this. Once you are done you will receive a code in the mail. This code will then be added back to the Google verification process to complete it.
If you are having any issues with this process, you will need to reach out to Google!

Once you have completed this checklist you are all set!
Please note, any changes in Rosy Salon Software take about 24 hours to sync with Google.


The following information is collected during a Google booking:
First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number

Please note, Google does not require a credit card for online scheduling

Turning Off Google Reserve

All you need to do to turn off Google Reserve is set it back to NO in your Business Settings
Remember, any changes made in Rosy Salon Software will take about 24 hours to sync with Google!

Turn off Google Reserve