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Salon Ninja is an “all in one salon/spa marketing platform giving any salon the “agency strength” on-line marketing tools necessary to help them get new clients (and keep existing) ones.


When you think of Salon Ninja think of it as an “Automated Marketing Agency in a Box” whose sole purpose is "To Fill Your Chairs"


Below are the platform’s capabilities:


Salon Ninja Capabilities

We sell Salon Ninja online. All an owner has to do is go to our website, scroll down the page and book a FREE demo.



To best understand Salon Ninja let's look at Rosy.

Rosy is a salon management software that features appointment booking, point-of-sale, inventory management and reporting. It has email and text capabilities and other marketing functionality, however all of that is centered on the existing client base (both active and inactive). Rosy helps the salon owner operate her business


Salon Ninja, serves a different role – it helps the salon owner market her business to prospective clients. It helps the salon owner fill her salon’s “marketing funnel” by “attracting” new prospects.


At Salon Ninja, we know that while a prospective client may show an interest in the salon she may not yet be ready to come in for a visit. Salon Ninja recognizes that and through its marketing automation keeps in continuous touch with the prospective client.


Salon Ninja


What’s the best way to get started? Visit the website and click on one of the buying options.


For questions we recommend scheduling a demonstration


Or just want to see more visit Salon Nija's YouTube!


For technical questions about Salon Ninja visit their Help Desk