Here’s a win/win feature. Promotions are an easy way to help your clients maintain the “salon look” or treatment at home and increase your retail sales!

The Promotions in our software refer to offering products for particular services that are received.

To Setup Promotions:
    Proceed to:         Manage > Advanced Settings > Manage (under Promotions)
1.     Select the service from the drop-down box

2.     Select a product to be promoted with this service

3.     Click Create Promotion

Create promotion 

4.     You may promote more than one product for the same service.  You'll just have to setup separate Promotions in that case

5.     To discontinue a promotion, click the red minus button next to it

Discontinue promotion 

The Product Recommendation for the Promotion will show at the top of the sales ticket when the client receives one of the services setup!

- You'll click the green plus button next to the Product if the client is interested in purchasing

Promotion sales ticket